in the crapper

well weekend plans have changed yet again thanks to my p.o.s. car. it broke down tonight outside the skate shop on my way home from work. called tow truck and a random nice lady in wallingford gave me a ride home. work meeting after all tomorrow. had to have it towed to the lynnwood saturn dealership again cause it wouldn't start with a jump. second time in a month. there goes another 150. ack.  mechanic friend is looking at the car saturday.  i may need  a ride to lynnwood on saturday afternoon/early evening if anyone is willing/able??  i'd get dinner my treat afterwards if someone would be so kind as to give me a ride to pick up my car....  dunno when that's gonna be exactly, but once jackie's looked at the car i'll have a better idea of when she can get it fixed.   in the meantime,  no transport except my bicycle.   :( planning on pedaling down to the hill in a little bit for drinks at the stumbling monk.  dunno where i'll go after that but i don't like being home much lately. feels really lonely. everything in life feels so messed up right now. i'm not quite sure how to get myself back together.
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wow. pfm practice is kicking my ass but all the girls are so nice and i love it!  also realising that i need to get some new skates sooner rather than later. the boots are turning out to be really uncomfortable when i do more strenuous stuff , the trucks are really heavy, and i think i need to get some of the indoor only wheels.  ack!  maybe next  month i can afford it.  

feeling positive and productive about the grad school apps and it seems that maybe things are starting to come together a teeny bit in life. this mood shift has really helped me -not- be the angsty biotch that i have been for the past few months when things weren't going so great.   yay.

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fcking car problems

shit my fcking car is broken. don't know if it's gonna get fixed or get a new one which i don't really have the money to do at the moment. freaking holiday weekend and probably won't be able to get it looked at till mon. and it'll have to be towed cause the fan belt is too loose to drive. i'm really hoping nothing major was busted when it overheated but i'm not counting on it. 


any advice on good mechanics/shops/car deals/etc would be appreciated. 
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this weekend

it's been an awful work week. really looking forward to relaxing this weekend. unfortunately i will not be sleeping in tomorrow morning....will have to wait to catch up on sleep till sunday. cause saturday morning for the first time ever i'm going to the fremont solstice festival. really excited!!! bring on the naked bikers and chaos!!!!!!

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(no subject)

wow. crazy week. i finally got a laptop. yaaaay! so maybe i'll be on this whole internet thing a bit more now.  

on june 1st i went to see THE QUEERS at el corazon. great show. they were the first show i ever went to when i was 19 and i always like to see them when they stop by my town for nostalgia.  however, this time i had the craziest punk rock pit experience in my life.  while moshing near the front of the stage, i was picked up by the shoulder of my jean jacket and actually -thrown- over someone's shoulder across the pit. it was pretty scarey doing the whole airborne thing unexpectedly. landed flat on my back in the middle of the pit and got picked up immediately so i wasn't hurt or anything. but whoa. i am not a little girl and it was pretty damm suprising that someone could just throw me aroung like a ragdoll.  feeling the effects of that incident a bit this week. i think my spine needs to be re aligned or something. 

also, i got a new kitty from the kent animal shelter. he's a white persian. very cute. his name is mortimer. so now i'm up to three kitties: chi chi, esmerelda, and mortimer.  no more! i don't want to be the crazy cat lady...........really i don't. 

i've been working on my rollerskating skills up at the rink in lynnwood. trying to get in better and shape and get more agile so i can eventually do some rollerderby!

been keeping busy studying for the gre on my weekday evenings, but weekends are still busy and mostly fun.    this weekend:::

friday night: punk warehouse party
saturday night: drinking and dancing at the club V night to Dj eternal darkness' fabulous tunes
sunday night: undecided .....
monday night: rollerskating in lynnwood. anyone who wants to join me, i've got two open spaces in my car!


ugh work

don't you just love it when the management who barely know you want to have a meeting to discuss upcoming changes, only to discover there is in fact no discussion at all. in reality, they just wanted to tell you the shitty news face to face. schedule changes irritate the hell out of me. really anything at my job irritates the hell out of me lately. do i have a problem with authority or does my boss just suck. i dunno. could be both.    

someone once told me i have anger issues. this is probably correct. i need a constructive way to take out all this anger. it's a little difficult to pick up a sporting hobby without a lot of money for gear and etc. dunno what to do. probably best not to beat up random people. usually i just punch my friends. this does not always work out in my favor. when you don't know yr own strength what's meant to be a friendly punch can often be taken the wrong way.  after many years, i have at least learned that. ....................i guess you could say i'm feeling a bit frustrated with life at the moment. 

recently took the plunge and made an appointment to take the GRE in july. now i'm scared. must study. met with an advisor from UW in the MLIS dept and feeling better about the possibility of getting in to grad school.   :)

also, very excited about the Tonya Winter 10th Anniversary Fetishwear celebration at Club Heaven (the old Catwalk) on Sunday, April 27th doors at 7pm  $10. !!!!!!!!!   Doug and I are DJ'ing and there will be sexy ladies in latex!!!!  this will be a spectacular event.


busy busy!

 vampire's ball was most excellent!  

last week was such a busy time. subhumans show on wed was amazing.  sake thurs was fun seeing sexy art and chatting it up with friends that i haven't seen in quite awhile. gas mask event at the merc was interesting. never thought i'd actually wear that gas mask in public since it's a lot like an isolation hood (one of the cheapie old russian rubber ones). oh well. looked nice and creepy ! 

looking forward to more excitement this week at the unseen show tonight at el corazon.  i love pits and yelling along to the music and taking out a little aggression with some good hits in the process.    :)

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vampires ball

very excited about going to pdx for the vampires ball this weekend. i'm sure it's going to be a lovely event.  looking  forward to catching up with friends from portland and hoping to see some familiar faces from seattle.   :)  

just finished working on my outfit for the event!!!  and looking forward to showing it off. tee hee

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my very first lj entry. scarey. after all the smack i talked about this phenomenon, i got bored the other night and decided to create a profile on here. can't promise that i'll be able to post or be very active on this thing due to my lack of internet access at home/work and the fact that i don't own a computer. but i'm actually working on fixing that issue.  

i'm kind of at a point of change in life. finally getting off my ass about getting a different job and moving on to something i could actually have a career in ..instead of barely scraping by at a non profit job that i sort of fell into when i first moved to seattle.   i'm hoping to get a job at the library, preferably seattle public library so wish me luck. if i can get my foot in the door with that then hopefully i can start moving towards getting that library science degree i've been talking about for years.   

also, i don't really know what i'm doing here on lj so any suggestions for layouts, or general tips whatever send em my way. 
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